Atlence Resistor Viewer 3.2

Atlence Resistor Viewer 3.2


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Date Added:10 March, 2013

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Author: Thomas, Mathieu DUBAËLE (

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Atlence Resistor Viewer allows electronics engineers to get the value and characteristics of a resistor from its color bands and vice versa. It can also be used to learn the resistor color code with the lesson and quiz included.

Get the band colors of a resistor and the standard values
You've just determined the theoretical value of a resistor and want to get the closest standard values and the band colors. In Atlence Resistor Viewer, you enter the theoretical value, the expected characteristics such as the tolerance of the real resistance and you get instant colors and a list of all the closest standard values among the different existing series.

Get the value and characteristics of a resistor
Conversely, you have a resistor and want to get its value and characteristics such as its tolerance and its temperature coefficient. In Atlence Resistor Viewer, drag the sliders of each band to select the appropriate color. The value and characteristics are instantly displayed.

Calculate current, voltage or power (Ohm's law)
To complete a calculation (e.g. to get a theoretical value of a resistor), a module allows you to calculate current, voltage, resistance or power from the Ohm's law.

Learning the resistor color code, acquisition assessment included
A complete lesson in PDF format is included with the program. It describes how to read a resistor from the color code, describes a mnemonic way to remember the color code and includes a summary table.
A multiple choice quiz is included to check that you are familiar with the resistor color code: it allows you to test your knowledge of the resistor color code (4 and 5-band resistors).

Many customization options
* Feature to display the program at the top of other ones to have it constantly at hand
* Display the band color in a tooltip text for visually impaired
* Create picture of resistors to be used in your documents
* Copy the value of the resistor to the Clipboard

System Requirements: .NET Framework 4.0, Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Systems: Android, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer

Versions History:

Date Released: Version: Change Info:
2013-02-02 3.2 Support for Windows® Vista, Windows 7 et Windows 8 (desktop), integration of Jumplists (recent values) in Windows® 7 and 8, new simplified setup programS, spport value overflow by displaying an error message

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